TRUE prices
SEK/NOK  8500:-


a ski for the big mountain and pow. your best choice for best run. 


true - created for all the fun at the mountain.

the history of TRUE is that it was a lot of "talk" about fat skis. but the good skiers go in all terrain and need a "companion under their feet" that can move smoothly all over the place........that means a moderate rocker, early rise in the tail and a waist for better control. very low camber.

someone in Canada said "the more you ski them, the more you love them"

the design is clean and it got attitude - EDITION NOIR is remarcable descreet - style, action & function.
BUBBLES our aniversary ski full of happy BUBBLES.
WILDLIFE where a part of your payment is going to The Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust

Pls check the way to use them - here the TRUE Orange in France.

lengths 178 & 188 cm
flex medium/hard/hard

core of poplar wood in a sandwich construction

base P-tex 3000

edges hardness Rockwell 48

top sheet ISOSPORT

sidewalls in ABS

dampening with rubber layers
enhanced durability under bindnings

Design & construction:
​The House

 nocopy the ordinary company for action